Bro Hockey Presents: A Complete List of Hockey Terminology

There’s a lot of terminology that gets thrown around when watching a hockey game on TV with your friends who actually played hockey. You mostly just laugh at the ridiculous lingo that is used because none of it makes sense, but also does make sense at the same time…Got it?

Bro Hockey has compiled a list/glossary of popular Puck Terminology so that you can feel at home and “one of the boys” when watching a big tilt with your friends.

The most important part of using hockey lingo is incorporating as many terms as humanly possible in to one sentence but making sure said sentence is the most grammatically accurate as fully comprehendible as possible.

Example: “Caught a sick sauce from Mr. Apple Seed for the game winning gino last night in our roady against those benders from Minny…fuckin plugs.”

This translates to: “I received a very well placed saucer pass from my teammate who gets a lot of assists. His pass gave me the privilege of scoring the game winning goal in a road game against the lesser skilled team from Minnesota…they are not skilled and have no good guys who would even make our team.

Study up Bro’s, here we go:

Boys/Fella’s – Teammates

Knob – End of the stick held by the player.

Knob – Total weenie. Terrible hockey player. Absolute bender.

Bender – Ankles on a player bending inward due to lack of strength and skill.

Rook – New guy on the team. Short for Rookie.

Plug – Guy slotted into the lineup due to another players injury or suspension. Never part of the starting team.

Halfy – Visor worn by players to protect their eyes.

Bucket – Helmet.

Mitts/Mittens – Gloves.

Boots – Skates.

Twig – Stick.

Lumber – Stick.

Yard Sale – Getting hit so hard your gloves and stick go flying.

Grocery Stick – Player on the bench that separates the offense from defense. Doesn’t play or move much.

Wheeling – Flying down the ice, blowing by the opposing team.

Wheeling – Bringing home the girl at the bar/party.

Snipe – Puttin’ the puck in the corners of the net when scoring.

Snipe – Catching the eyes of the girl at the bar/party. Precursor to wheeling.

Celly – Celebration after scoring.

Gino – Goal.

Apple- Assist.

Johnny Apple Seed – Player who racks up a ton of assists.

Biscuit – Puck.

Beauty – Really good play/goal/pass or player.

Hatty – Short for Hatrick – 3 Goals in 1 game.

Sauce – The best kind of pass that leaves the ice.

Clapper – Slap shot.

Dangle – Juking the opposing team.

Dusty – Terrible hockey player. Looks like he hasn’t touched his skates in months.

Gonger – Big game.

Gonger – Huge Party.

Tilt – Game.

Tilly – Fight.

Bar Down – Scoring a goal that deflects off the cross bar and go straight down into the net.

Floatin’ the biscuit – Saucer pass.

Leaking – Cut and bleeding from doing something masculine on the ice.

Howitzer – absolute rocking of a clapper. Blows by the tend before he even saw it.

Tendy – Goalie.

Barn- Ice Arena.

Top Cheddar/Ched/Top Chee – Scorin’ a gino in the top corners or top part of the net.

Top Shelf (Where Mama keeps the cookies) – Scoring in the upper part of the net.

Cage – Net.

Top Gouda – Variation of top ched.

Nippin’ Twine – Sniping top shelf on a goalie.

Zebra – Ref.

Pipe- Goal Post.

Wesley Pipes – Hitting the post.

Wesley Snipes – Snipe.

Flow – Amazing luscious hair that flows out of your bucket.

Mane – Flow.

Chirping – Trash talking

*If you have more, feel free to comment below or email Bro Hockey and we will add them to the ever-growing glossary that is puck lingo.

193 thoughts on “Bro Hockey Presents: A Complete List of Hockey Terminology”

  1. yankee – wanker who can’t play puck

    Buffuglien – fat lazy player who doesn’t move his legs

    poser – usually a yankee who just chirps

  2. Light(ing) the Candle: an amazing bar down snipe, so named for lighting the goal lamp.

    Hacker: a player who slashes often

    Lumberjack: next level of hacker, think Phil Kessel swinging at the calves.

    Burned: a defenceman who got badly beaten by speed or a dangle

  3. All Swedish no Finnish – a player you wheels it coast to coast around everyone and can’t score.

    Penny Loafer – someone who just serves penalties or gets a dumb penalty to take a break

    Pitching Hay or Chopping Wood – someone who skates down the ice at full speed to win a race to a puck or while back checking hard

  4. Ankle-burner – should be self explanatory, weak ankles = weak skater = weak player

    Feedin ’em – punchin buddy in the face, giving him punches

    Buddy – the guy, that person

  5. Duster- player who is dusty
    Bar south- see bar down
    Monkey- someone who thinks they can play hockey but can’t even skate
    Puck bunny- girls who sleep with many players, usually seen wearing lulus and uggs
    Whistle pig- ref
    Waterwings- name for the referee when wearing the bands

  6. Beat/Beauty- 1) A great shot/goal/play made by a teammate. (“Did you see that goal by Datsyuk? It sure was a beauty”)
    2) A smoking chick. “Did you see that girl on the other team? What a beaut…”
    3) A great hockey player “You’re such a beaut bro.”

    The Show- The NHL

    Puckslut-That girl who’s been around more than a chain e-mail in the 90’s and hangs around the rink, hoping to get laid.

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